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Top Vegan Cities in the World

Top Vegan Cities in the World



If you’re a certified vegan who is suddenly afflicted with wanderlust, then you might be worried if you’ll be able to travel and still maintain your plant-based diet. 

Now, you don’t really have to worry. Vegan restaurants are scattered all over the world—even in places where you least expect them to be in. For example, did you know that Phnom Penh, Cambodia has a fully vegan restaurant and hotel, YK Art House? Amazing, isn’t it?

Veganism is on the rise around the world, so don’t be afraid to travel. And if you are planning your next trip, you should consider visiting the following cities.


1. London, UK


With more than 500 restaurants who offer vegan options from Brixton to Islington, London is quickly becoming one of the biggest vegan cities in the world. London is abundant with vegan-friendly stalls, cafes, bakeries, and smoothie bars. 

Even major supermarkets such as Aldi and Tesco have launched their own brand of vegan products. So, when you are in this city, you will never run out of options. 

If you want vegan pizza, then PickyWops, a vegan pizzeria found in South East London, has you covered. You can also find The Temple of Hackney in London, the world’s first vegan chicken shop.

Meanwhile, you can also get a taste of the exciting vegan Carribean/African restaurant Zionly Manna, Itadaki Zen Japanese restaurant, and the Ethiopian restaurant Andu Caffe. 

Are you craving for vegan Asian cuisines? Don’t worry. There is also an option for that. Just make sure to come in with an empty stomach to take advantage of the scrumptious vegan Asian fusion buffet of Dou Dou – Qing. 

For something sweet, you can also try the vegan cupcakes at Ms Cupcake and Vida Bakery or Yorica’s vegan ice cream if you’re craving something sweet.


2. Tel Aviv, Israel


While Nanuchka, the first 100% vegan Georgian restaurant in the world, is getting a lot of buzz around the world for its inventive Georgian cuisine, it is not the only famous vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. Some of the other highly acclaimed vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv include the first vegan cafe in the city, Anastasia and the all-vegan bar and restaurant with a New York-style, Four One Six.

If you’re into Middle Eastern and Persian fine dining, then head on over to Zakaim Vegan Boutique.  Additionally, Tenat offers the best authentic vegan Ethiopian cuisine in the area, while The Green Roll makes vegan sushi. Tel Aviv also has its very own vegan grocery store called Taam L’Chaim – Taste For Life.


3. Portland, Oregon


Veganism and plant-based eating are at the center of Portland’s social fabric. The city is surrounded by a wide variety of vegan restaurants and cafes. 

The cheese shop located in the heart of Portland, Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli, produces 20 types of vegan artisanal cheese. You can also find the highly-popular teahouse specializing in shojin ryori-style food, Ichiza Kitchen and Teahouse, in the same building. Some of the other famous vegan restaurants you should visit when in Portland are Farm Spirit, Paiche, and Epif.

If you’re in the mood for a vegan burger, then you’ll surely enjoy a quick trip to Next Level Burger. However, if donuts are your comfort food, you can check out Doe Donut’s gourmet vegan donut. If you still have some space left in your stomach for a cup of coffee and some vegan baked goods from Shoofly Vegan Bakery, you’ll find Oracle Coffee Company an excellent place to unwind.

Portland is not just known for its vegan restaurants. It also has many vegan shoe/clothing/handbag/accessory stores, vegan strip malls, and vegan tattoo shops. Portland is a melting pot of a wide variety of vegan establishments, which makes it a very eco-friendly city.


4. Berlin, Germany


The number of vegan establishments in Berlin has steadily grown over the years, giving it its reputation as one of the best vegan destinations in the world. 

Berliners have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle so much that you’ll see the word “vegan” plastered on restaurant signs all over the city. So, you could say that it is a vegan’s haven.

Some of the famous vegan restaurants you might want to visit while in Berlin are La Stella Nera for vegan pizzas, Vöner der Vegetarische Döner for vegan döner kebab, and Lucky Leeks or Kopps for some creative gourmet delights. You may also want to check out Rawtastic for some raw vegan gourmet cuisine.


5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Buddhism is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, which is why many Vietnamese still actively practice this religion. Although not all Buddhists are vegetarian, a large number of their population choose to practice veganism or vegetarianism. 

The choice to be vegan of many can be attributed to the First Precept of Buddhism which is ‘do not kill’for some people, eating any kind of meat is considered as killing by proxy.

As a result of the largely Buddhist population in Vietnam, many vegan restaurants have emerged over the years. Some of the most popular ones are Phuc Quang Chay, which serves a wide array of Vietnamese dishes served with organic and raw vegetable options. There’s also Veggie Saigon, which has a wide variety of choices on its menu such as seaweed and tofu. 

Other vegan restaurants you may want to visit when in Vietnam are 108 Eatery, A Di Da Phat, Au Lac Healthy World – Binh Thanh, Au Lac Healthy World – Pham Ngu Lao, and Ba Xa. Those are just some of the vegan establishments in Vietnam. There are still so much more for you to experience and explore.




Veganism may have started as a radical movement by some people; nevertheless, with more people starting to become aware of the ecological and environmental effects of meat consumption, veganism has inevitably risen in popularity. 

It’s no longer just a niche market and has become more mainstream in recent years—it’s even booming in places where you least expect it.


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