Veg Out - And Venture Farther

All-Vegan Dining

No need to make a meal out of side dishes on our trips! Whether on our oil-free plant-based whole food tours or our vegan tours abroad, from “cheap” eats to fine dining – all meals are vegan!

Small Group Travel

With no more than 12-14 travelers on each tour, we keep things nimble and intimate — this allows us to be flexible with what the group wants to see and do and makes each trip unique.

Small Eco Footprint

We will travel like locals on buses and subways when possible, for minimal environmental impact. No jam-packed tour buses for us!

Perfectly Plotted

Experience an amazing lineup of private tours and vegan-friendly activities with all logistics taken care of for you, plus plenty of down time in between to explore on your own and make the most of each trip!

See the World With a Vegan Focus

Affordable Small Group Travel


We organize vegan tours for small groups of like-minded travelers.

We began six years ago, and have experienced much growth every year as more of the world becomes vegan-friendly. Learn more about our upcoming international tours and our whole food plant based no-oil domestic tours.

About Us

Meet Kim, founder of Veg Jaunts and Journeys!

My tours are crafted exclusively for travelers who follow a vegan lifestyle. Of course, I seek out all vegan restaurants for us and engage travelers in vegan-friendly activities and excursions along the way – such as visiting an animal sanctuary or taking a vegan market tour, along with activities that reflect the history or culture of the destination.

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Questions or Concerns?

We are here to promptly answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; you can give Kim a call at +1 774 269-6558, or fill out your contact information on our page. We’ll reply right away!