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No! One of the main ideas of Veg Jaunts and Journeys is to show new vegans and aspiring vegans and even those that have never thought of becoming vegan, that traveling as a vegan is not difficult. If you’re not yet vegan, other members of the group will be very happy to share resources and tips with you.

However, when eating with the group, only vegan food will be allowed at the table. This means that even if eggs, cheese or milk happen to be offered at the restaurant, that you refrain from consuming it.

Sadly, we do not live in a vegan world (yet!). When we’re in cities, we dine at exclusively vegan restaurants, and occasionally at an outstanding vegetarian restaurant.

When we’re in the countryside, we may have to visit a vegan-friendly restaurant. We work with vegan guides when possible. We do our best to use hotels that do not have an abundance of leather and wool in their lobbies, but sometimes you may come across a leather chair. In almost all cases you will not find any leather or wool in your guest room, and we always request down-free comforters and pillows. You may come across toiletries in the bathroom that are not vegan-friendly.

To avoid this situation, you might want to travel with your own products. We try to get the hotels we use to provide some vegan options for us at breakfast, or else use a hotel that may have a vegan breakfast available nearby.

At this point in time, there are only a handful of completely vegan accommodations located in cities, and they’re often very expensive or only offer a few rooms and cannot accommodate small groups.

It’s a lot more fun than traveling alone!

At popular sites, tickets and reservations, when possible, will be secured ahead of time, so you will save time by not having to stand in long lines.

Oftentimes restaurants do not take reservations unless you’re part of a group.

Transportation costs, such as hiring a van and local driver, can be split across the group, making it much easier in terms of time and money, to reach worthwhile places off the tourist trail.

Most importantly, we arrange for lots of activities that you’d have a difficult time participating in on your own. For example, a vegan pizza making class in Rome, dinner in a local’s home, cooking classes, specially arranged walking tours, and interaction with local vegan businesses.

Guests aged 22-83 have traveled with us, and we love that about our tours. Everyone interacts with everyone else, so please don’t hesitate to join no matter what your age. Most participants have the common value of veganism, so you’ve automatically got something to speak about with other travelers.

Generally there are one-two couples on our tours, and the rest of the group is made up of solo travelers.

We welcome solo travelers!

Prices are generally based on single occupancy/having your own room. On our domestic tours where we rent large houses, usually the first few people to sign up will be entitled to their own room.

Tour days are pretty packed because we want to show you as much as possible, but on some days you’ll have a couple of hours in the late afternoon to visit something of interest to you. In some cities, we include a whole free day in the itinerary. You may also opt to add extra days onto the beginning or end of your tour.

You may opt not to join some planned tour activities and choose your own activity, but this will be at your own expense. Please know there will not be any refund for unused portions of the tour, or for included meals you may wish to have on your own.

Airfare is not included. Wine, beer and alcohol is not included. Tours include all meals, except lunch if there is a free day.

  • A deposit of 25% per person is required to reserve space on any tour.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Balance for tours will be due 75 days prior to departure.
  • If booking is made within 75 days of departure, full payment is due on reservation.
  • We are a small tour operator and work tirelessly to create great itineraries.
  • Any cancellations affect the entire group.
  • Remember you have the option to obtain travel insurance and if you choose not to purchase this, you are taking a risk.
  • Veg Jaunts and Journeys is not responsible for any cancellations by you due to personal reasons, health, medical, adverse weather conditions, war and threat of war, civil strife, terrorism, or natural disaster or any other reason. You are responsible for protecting your investment with travel insurance, but not limited to; medical expenses, baggage, accident, loss or damage to property, cancellation and curtailment, personal liability and emergency.
  • We are not responsible for any expenses that you may incur as a result of your not purchasing travel insurance or the travel insurance not covering the loss at issue.
  • Cancellation fees apply regardless of the reason for the cancellation.
  • We reserve the right not to operate a tour if we do not get the minimum number of guests for the tour to operate, in which case the deposit would be refunded to you or put toward another tour we offer if you so choose.
  • A deposit of 25% per person is required in order to book. Please book by clicking Join the Tour (fill out your registration form) and then you will be emailed an invoice, which is payable upon receipt.
  • Your space is not guaranteed until both tour registration and payment have been submitted, and they must be received on the same day.
  • Cancellation fees for all tours:
    • The deposit of 25% is non-refundable.
    • Remainder of payment is due 75 days prior to departure.
    • If booking is made within 75 days of departure, full payment is due on reservation.
    • Cancellation from 75 – 60 days prior to departure results in loss of 75% of trip price.
    • Cancellation within 60 days of departure results in loss of 100% of trip price.
    • We have to pay many of our suppliers months in advance.


We like to have a minimum of six travelers on a tour. Please don’t purchase your air tickets until you’ve checked with us as to whether the tour will run. We should know about three-four months before the tour begins. Of course, if the tour doesn’t run, your deposit is fully refundable.

The ideal window for lowest airfare is three-five months prior to departure. Please make sure you have travel insurance in case you need to cancel your tour with us for any reason, since Veg Jaunts and Journeys will not refund airline tickets should you need to cancel your tour.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Please note: Most flights from the USA and Canada to Europe are overnight flights, so you will arrive in Europe the day after your departure from the US. Make sure to book your flight accordingly. When you return, you’ll arrive in the US or Canada the same day you leave Europe.

For example, to arrive in Europe on Saturday (the first day of the tour), you will need to leave Friday from the US or Canada. Returning home, if the tour ends on a Sunday (the last day of the tour), you will depart that day to arrive in the US or Canada on the same day, usually late afternoon or early evening.

Normally flights arrive in Europe in the morning (sometimes early!) and in most cases you will not be able to check into the hotel until 2:00 or 3:00 pm. You will be able to store your bags at the hotel, but please know that you may need to occupy yourself in the lobby or in the neighborhood of the hotel for a few hours.

Since everyone arrives throughout the day of the first tour day, our first scheduled activity is always a welcome group dinner.

Travel insurance is highly recommended. Please carry the details of your insurance with you. You may need to provide details of your medical insurance in some countries before medical assistance will be provided.

We can tell you that on every one of our tours so far, someone has had to cancel, usually for medical reasons or family medical reasons, in the months leading up to the tour.

We are able to provide you a quote for travel insurance. Just ask us. We work with RoamRight Travel Insurance. Please read this article for more information.

Please check with your health insurance provider to determine if you are covered while traveling. If you will not be covered under your policy, we strongly recommend that you arrange for additional coverage while on tour.

Unfortunately, sometimes flights are delayed, and sometimes your luggage will not arrive with you (an even better reason to travel with only a carry-on). To prevent delays, make sure you have at least 2-3 hours between connecting flights. If your flight is canceled or you arrive at the specified meeting point after the tour starts, please be in touch with your tour guide (you will receive name and contact details by email prior to departure).

We will do our best to help you, but it will be your responsibility to reach our accommodation from wherever you are and pay for any related expenses.

Travel insurance is highly recommended for any unexpected emergency expenses.

As little as possible! You will need to manage your luggage for up to a distance of a half mile, or a 10-12 minute walk to and from our hotels. If you need any packing tips, just ask us.

Questions or Concerns?

We are here to promptly answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; you can give Kim a call at +1 774 269-6558, or fill out your contact information on our page. We’ll reply right away!