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Off the Beaten Track: The Amazing Places You Haven’t Thought to Visit Yet

The world may be round but it has lots of undiscovered corners that are definitely worth visiting. Skip the typical tourist trail and surprise yourself once in a while by heading to an adventure to places most people have yet to visit. Sign up for Lisbon tours and indulge on a hearty vegan dish, challenge yourself to leave a minimal carbon footprint, and travel using public transportation like locals. Ways to spice up your itineraries are endless and so are the amazing vegan places you never thought you could see.

How vegan influencers helped make vegan destinations more popular

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With the explosive rise of veganism around the world, most populated and progressive cities have adapted to suit the growing demand. Cities from different corners of the globe like London, Tel Aviv, Portland, Berlin, and Ho Chi Minh have consistently ranked as top vegan cities. While several factors contribute to this growth, one of the strongest motivators are vegan influencers.

Vegan influencers combine the power of social media and information to spread awareness and drive traffic across their platforms. Other than producing informative recipes and tips, they also post vegan restaurants and activities in their travels or hometowns which, in turn, help in making vegan destinations more popular. Furthermore, most of the successful influencers seek services for techniques to maximize increasing awareness and traffic. Tools and consultants found at The Influence Marketer provide innovative strategies to achieve these goals.

While there are numerous vegan spots highlighted by the influx of vegan influencers, there are also lesser-known but interesting places worth checking out such as:

Koyasan, Japan 

Found in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture, Koyasan urges its visitors to be in touch with their religious and spiritual side. Some of the activities guests can try at Koyasan are Buddhist Sutra copying, Akijan meditation, Jukai ceremony, and forest bathing.

Warsaw, Poland

As the largest city in Poland, Warsaw boasts a plethora of vegan restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes. From salads and sushi to pizza and burgers everything is served for anyone’s palate. Some of the notable dining places are Vege Miasto, Lokal Vegan Bistro, Edamame Vegan Sushi, and Momencik.

Lisbon, Portugal

Adding to the list of must-visit vegan destinations is Europe’s second oldest capital city: Lisbon, Portugal. The city’s beautiful architecture is just one of the many things that will urge you to join Lisbon tours and explore the city with like-minded people.

The vegan scene in Lisbon

Whether you’re a local or visitor in Lisbon, there’s always something new in town. Change in this city is unprecedented, with Portugal recently transforming from being a meat-centered culture into mandating hospitals, schools, and prisons to serve vegan options. This shift brought in a fresh wave of vegan tours and treats, some popular and some almost completely unheard of. 


When traveling, a convenient option is to do vegan day trips from Lisbon or whole tours to cover the ground without having to worry about itineraries. For instance, you can opt for a tour that includes vegan cooking classes, clothing and shoe stores, musical performances, and heritage sites.


One of the most pleasant surprises for travelers who find themselves in Portugal is the thriving vegan Lisbon food scene. Over the past decade, various vegan restaurants and cafes have popped up all over this city. These range from fast food and pop up outlets to fine dining restaurants and specialty cafés.

Great things to see when going the off-the-beaten-path in Lisbon

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If you’re looking for the unheard of, there is a myriad of options that you can explore in Lisbon tours. Examples of below-the-radar stops include the likes of doing yoga in a museum and listening to Jazz at a local cafe, to name a few.

Yoga in Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves

Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves is a museum that used to be the house of a local art collector. Once a month, usually on the first Saturdays of the month, Bruno Reis, a professional yoga instructor,  hosts yoga classes in the drawing-room. Participating in a session also comes with a complimentary entrance to the museum.

 Jazz at Café Tati

Immerse yourself in authentic jazz music at Café Tati, a corner street café-restaurant. Every Sunday, the staff clears part of the quaint place for live and intimate jazz sessions. Across the street is a market, an optional stopover before or after sipping drinks while listening in at the café, for the full local experience.

When you take a vegan Lisbon tour, the opportunities you’ll have to do and see lovely things are endless! Check out Veg Jaunts and Journeys, and book in your vegan trip to Lisbon!


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