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The Vegan Community: Find and Travel With Your Tribe

Even though the vegan movement started small, now veganism is a paradigm shift in human food consumption and utilization of resources. 

Veganism is a practice of abstinence from the use and consumption of animal products. In essence, veganism is the abstinence of animal products as commodities.

In today’s modern times, veganism has come a long way. Vegans now gather for social events in many major cities across the world called a “Vegfest,” short for vegan festival. The event takes place in different vegan travel destinations like Vegfest Seattle and Vegfest Tokyo, and gives vegans everywhere the opportunity to come together over delicious vegan food.

These festivals are opportunities for vegans to congregate in a supportive community and celebrate the abundance that veganism brings.

Tribalism: What it is and why it is important

In prehistoric times, early humans lived and traveled the world in groups. These groups eventually gathered enough members as they roamed the world. Agriculture was not yet prominent at those times and humans transferred from one place to another.

It came to the point when humans started knowing how to plant and eventually, they settled. Families formed and children came along. Their children brought on new generations, and when the family became large enough, it became a tribe.

The concept of tribalism is formed when a group of people shares a common culture and a goal. In the case of ancient humans, their common goal was survival, which was more easily done together. Humans are social animals and we have depended on comradery throughout our entire history.

In modern-day definition, tribalism’s meaning has evolved as we are no longer fighting for physical survival. Tribalism is a small society of people who think alike. The importance of tribalism roots back to its main primitive purpose: survival. Inherently, humans are social animals. One cannot survive without the other. To continually exist, humans strived to co-exist with other humans with a single goal in mind.

In the vegan community, it is easier to surround yourself with others who will support you for the better. At first, the temptations to continue turning a blind eye to animal exploitation may be difficult to ignore. That’s why having other vegans around to support each other when times are tough is wonderful. Having inspirational vegans around us is a great way to see the beauty of practicing veganism.

Veganism has become a social celebration in many parts of the world like Vegfest Seattle in Washington, United States. The success of veganism, or any other positive lifestyle change, is rooted in the formation of tribes and supportive communities around each of us.

Supporting one another on our vegan journeys


In unity, there is strength. This old saying holds to the practice of veganism. Long-time vegans can attest to the difficulty of shifting from one lifestyle to another. 

Vegans are more likely to succeed in making a long-term change if they surround themselves with like-minded individuals. At first, it can be more difficult to stick to vegan decisions if the people around us are being the opposite of supportive.

Living and traveling with vegans is a great way to immerse ourselves in the vegan world. Vegans who are just starting out can learn from long-time vegans and get inspiration from them. Living in vegan communities can help a starting vegan know more about veganism such as vegan clothing and vegan food.

Strengthening social justice movements through tribalism

Social justice involves the redistribution of wealth, rights, and privileges. In society nowadays, there is always a borderline between social classes: rich and poor, powerful and weak.

The concept of social justice expands further to the animal kingdom. Eating animals for consumption is a type of social injustice, as some species are used as products by another species. Animals, as well as humans, are alike in the most important aspects. Animals have feelings. They can also feel joy, happiness, fear, and pain.

Animals are also living creatures. Regardless of perceived intelligence, they also have the right to be seen as another one of nature’s amazing creations and not just a commodity or a product. Vegan groups can utilize social media and traditional print media to introduce their practice. A good old fashioned column article about veganism can inspire curious minds. A newspaper printing company can allot a vegan section in the paper. The only way to share veganism is to let the public be aware of it.

Veganism strives to see animals as creatures coexisting with humans. Vegans can amplify this message through groups, communities, and mass gatherings like Vegfest Seattle. Like any other social movement, the volume of supporters drives its success, and the world better buckle up for the abundant and vibrant vegan community coming its way!


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