World’s Tallest Trees

Rugged Coastlines

Wild & Scenic Rivers

Vibrant Artistic Community

Come immerse yourself in Northern California’s hidden wonderland of Humboldt County

From the tallest trees in the world to rugged coastlines; from rolling green mountains to canyon-carving rivers, you are invited to come explore Humboldt County with us! Humboldt County has long been the gem of Northern California and a place where visitors come to slow down and escape back into nature. In its young history since western settlers came to the area, Humboldt has gained quite the reputation of being a haven for artists and activists while also becoming synonymous with outlaw country. From gold rush forty-niners, to becoming the heart of the emerald triangle, to  more recent tree-sit-ins to protect old growth forests – Humboldt has always benefited from being tucked away past the redwood curtain where the Pacific Northwest truly begins.

Our local guide, Mairead – who has been guiding and living in this community for the past 8 years –  will take you on interpretive tours through this lush landscape to see the giant Sequoia Sempervirens, coastal lagoons and marshlands that provide critical habitat for birds on the pacific flyway, and rivers where salmon spawn.  As a group we will explore landscapes all over the county that are so magical that they have to be seen to be believed.

This tour is active with numerous opportunities for hiking & boating. We will be treated to meals prepared by our guide and other local chefs who will showcase whole foods from local farms and the various flavors that California has to offer.

Why You’ll Love This Tour!

Get a chance to interact with the tallest living trees on Earth! You will be amazed by the healthy forest ecosystems that are all around.

You’ll have the opportunity to get out on the water in a kayak or paddleboard for a guided tour. Plus visits to the numerous waterways of Northern California including various rivers, lagoons, beaches, and the second largest enclosed bay in California.

Humboldt Bay is cited as being “among the most important places in the entire hemisphere for migratory shorebirds” according to the Audubon Society, and is flush with biodiversity.

See iconic sites that can be found in the movies. Places like Fern Canyon which can be seen in Jurassic Park’s Lost World, or Ferndale used in the horror classic Salem’s Lot, and others.

Your local guide will give you the inside look at a place that has captured the hearts of so many.

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Essential Info

Essential Info



*A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the tour cost, along with a registration form, are required in order to join the tour. Your space is not guaranteed until both of these are received.


September 5 – 12, 2025

Tour duration

7 nights/ 8 days

Group size

8 – 12 people


  • 7 nights accommodations
  • 7 Dinners
  • 7 Lunches
  • 7 Breakfasts
  • Transport from airport upon arrival & back to airport on last day
  • Guided tours & workshops
  • Transportation & logistics for listed daily activities

Not included

  • Airfare 
  • Travel insurance

What to bring

We recommend bringing as little as possible! If you need any packing tips, please contact us.

Travel insurance is highly recommended for any unexpected emergency expenses.

About your guide

This tour will be led by Mairead Sardina

Trip Overview

The tour begins with afternoon or evening pickup from our local airport, California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport (ACV), and transport to our houses. We will have a welcome dinner & get to know one another before jumping into our week of activities. Each day of this tour is themed to help us get the most out of our time.

Day two, our first full day, will be our Humboldt Hello where we will visit our local farmer’s market, enjoy a picnic lunch in our local community forest, then head down to Ferndale to see this quaint town lined with Victorian Houses.  Day three, is our Trees to Seas day where we will hike the iconic Fern Canyon and then after a picnic lunch head into Prairie Creek National & State Park for a hiking interpretive tour of the Redwood forest. Day four is our Kokatat Day; “kokatat” in the local Klamath River people’s indigenous language means “into the water” and epitomizes how connected this region is to our ever-flowing water sources.  So, on this day we are going to explore some of the coastal waterways of the region by visiting some of the stunning beaches near Trinidad for tidepooling and then taking a kayak tour in the afternoon.

Day five is our Farm to Table day, we will be learning about local foraging and visiting a local organic farm to have a farm-fresh lunch. Day six is in dedication to the six wild and scenic rivers in Humboldt County, and as such we will travel out to the Trinity Mountains in order to spend some time along the stunning Trinity River.  On our last full day, day seven, we will be celebrating “home-boldt”, or what makes Humboldt home to so many. We will check out the art scene, take a tour on the Humboldt Bay harbor cruise, and visit some of the waterholes that locals love.

Each section of this tour is planned to offer intermittent free time so that you can venture out or decompress from your travels. Additionally, dinner each day will be cooked in-house by your guide or by chefs who will be bringing in their own menus to showcase our regional flavors.

Private Houses in the Trinidad to Arcata area of Humboldt County


Day 1: Welcome!

On Day 1, we will provide a shuttle service from the Redwood Coast Airport (ACV) to the houses for arriving individuals to settle in or explore the neighborhood and have an afternoon snack before we gather for our welcome dinner.

Day 2: Humboldt Hello

On Day 2, we will introduce you to Humboldt like a true local, by attending our community farmer’s market that takes place weekly on the plaza in Arcata. The Arcata Summer Farmer’s Markets are where our community gathers to revel in the abundance of our farms, dance to music from local bands, sample food, and products from small farmers and artists, and come together to celebrate the sun (always a cause for celebration on this foggy coast). Afterward, we will take a small hike to our lunch spot for a picnic amongst the redwoods. We will then head south to the quaint farming town of Ferndale to explore the well-preserved Victorian main-street or for the morbidly-inclined, the historic cemetery that has been used in numerous film productions. That evening after a break we will gather at the main house for a meal cooked by a local award-winning chef who will focus on the flavors of our local produce.

Day 3: Seas to Trees

On Day 3, we will head straight into the heart of our astounding redwood forest! After breakfast, we will drive north to Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek State Park. Fern Canyon is one of the most iconic locations in our park systems – walls of ferns and mosses rise up from a small canyon with a stream running through. This hike allows you to walk upstream, or for a more dry walk, take a trail that looks down from above. Afterward we will drive to the other side of the park for a picnic lunch before hiking the Cathedral Trees trail, where we will encounter numerous record-holding and unfathomably massive trees.  After a full day of hiking, we will end our day with a group dinner back at the house.

Meals Included

Day 1: Dinner
Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Kokatat

On Day 4, we will venture “into the water”, further exploring the connection this land and its people have to our various waterways. We will start by tidepooling at the nearby Sue-Meg State Park where there is the possibility for all sorts of wildlife viewing, from sea lions to sea stars, and everything in between. Then after lunch, we will head out for a private kayak tour of either Humboldt Bay or Stone Lagoon depending on weather. As a certified kayak instructor, Mairead believes that one of the best ways to see this area is from the seat of a kayak & is excited to show you her favorite paddling spots. We will finish the day with another beautiful dinner cooked by a local chef using California-inspired flavors and ingredients.

Day 5: Farm to Table

On Day 5, we will be celebrating the bountiful nature of this land by getting a closer look at all the various ways people in this region have historically foraged native plants and currently cultivate sustainable gardens of abundance. We will head out for a private tour of a local farm and then enjoy a farm-fresh lunch. Afterward we will go on a foraging tour with a naturalist from the community who will provide insight into all the late-summer/ early fall harvest opportunities in our local forests. We will end our day with a group dinner and relaxing at the houses.

Meals Included
Day 4: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 5: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Six Wild & Scenic Rivers

On Day 6, we will once again do as the locals do, and head out for a stunning day along one of the region’s “six wild and scenic rivers”.  Each river provides its unique environment – from the completely undammed crystal-clear waters of the Smith River to the Klamath River where California Condors soar and salmon surge upstream to the exhilarating rapids of the Trinity River and more – our day will be determined by the energy and interests of the group. We will end our day with a bonfire and a vegan campfire cookout to soak up the beautiful late summer sunsets.

Day 7: Home-boldt

On Day 7, our last full day, we will spend soaking up all the little things that make Humboldt home to so many. We will start with a famous hike that changed the conversation around the conservation of old-growth forests. We will then head to a local restaurant for lunch before going to old town Eureka where we will do a driving/ walking tour of the many murals from our annual street art festival. You will get a chance to see massive Victorian houses, explore the stores and galleries of our waterfront area, or treat yourself to a vegan chocolate or ice cream from one of the artisan shops.  We will then board the Madaket for a harbor cruise where we will get to learn more about the bay and take in the sights. We will leave some free time in the afternoon to relax around the house, accomplish any personal goals, or venture out to a local watering hole before gathering again for our final group dinner.

Day 8: Goodbye, for now

On Day 8, we will gather for one last group breakfast, pack up & offer shuttles back to the airport for those who need them. The tour will end by 10 AM when we will need to be checked out of our rental units.

Meals Included
Day 6: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 7: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 8: Breakfast

Good to Know

Please plan to fly into the California Redwood Coast - Humboldt County Airport (ACV) if flying; if driving please plan to arrive on the afternoon of Friday, August 8th.

This tour will include daily walks with an estimated daily mileage of 4 - 7 miles.

Your tour cost includes lodgings; all meals; all sightseeing and activities as coordinated by guide; all transportation during the trip (excluding airfare).

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