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Five Things You Can Do in Tuscany That Will Make Your Trip Special

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is one of the most sought-after places to travel to in the world. Not only is its natural scenery absolutely marvelous, but the capital city of Florence is considered the birthplace of the renaissance and boasts incredibly history, art and architecture. As Italy is practically synonymous with delicious food, we can’t leave that off our guide either! Let’s not waste any time; without further ado, here are the top 5 things to do in Tuscany to make your trip unforgettable!

1.    Organic Vegan Farmhouse

Located close to the historic center of San Gimignano lies Agrivilla I pini, which is a small, beautiful organic winery and estate. If you’re looking to really get away and relax, this is the perfect spot for you.

Start out by taking a dip in the saltwater pool complete with stunning vistas, or beneath a shade-laden, comfy hammock. The only sounds you’ll hear are of mother nature – the breeze, birds, and perhaps some laughter in the distance.

The ecological Villa is where you’ll rest your head, and each room is made with natural yet top-notch materials such as terracotta floors and handmade wooden furniture. For any meal of the day, make sure to stop at their vegan, natural restaurant with dishes made from their own permaculture food forest! It may just inspire you to create your own indoor herb garden or start dehydrating fruits once you get back home!

2.    Biking Through Chianti

If you’re someone who prefers to stay active on your vacations or understands the immersion self-transportation offers when getting to explore a new place, then we have just the thing for you. Grab a bike and trek through the hilly landscape of Chianti. Used by many pro cyclists to train, it’s not without its challenges, but the endorphins will make you feel good and you’ll burn some calories to boot!

Home to world-renowned vineyards and olive gardens, there’s no shortage of incredible wine. Sip on a glass while you’re taking in the routes dotted by medieval castles and incredible historical estates.

3.    Explore Museums in Florence

This guide would be far from complete if we didn’t include the stunning art, architecture, and history that Florence is known for. There are countless famous museums the city houses, from the Uffizi Gallery, which keeps rare Renaissance pieces, to the Bargello, which used to be a prison but is now a gallery for amazing sculptures. The Uffizi draws similarities to the Palace of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors and you’ll find legends like the Allegory of Spring and Birth of Venus here. It wouldn’t be a trip to Italy if you didn’t get to see the masterpiece that is Michelangelo’s David, either.

If you’re particularly fascinated with architecture, head on over to the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, where you can see blueprints along with other artifacts related to the city’s iconic Duomo Complex. When you’re done, make sure to grab a coffee at either Robiglio or Scudieri!

4.    Piazzale Michelangelo Views

Take in some of the best panoramas in the world on the terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo, located right above Florence. You can choose to walk from the city center about 30 minutes or hop on a short bus trip along the Viale dei Colli. While you are sure to love it any point of the day, golden hour just before sunset is going to be your best bet.

If you’re a photog or with your significant other, you’ll love the romantic vibes or the opportunity to capture a different perspective from the norm. While up there, make sure to check out the Church of San Miniato, which is located just behind the plaza.

5.    Climb a Medieval Tower

Taking things back to San Gimignano, it’s here where you’ll find perfectly preserved medieval towers, squares, and fairytale-like little shops. In this charming town, you’ll find a whopping 14 different tower houses, though you must experience climbing the Torre Grossa. With an impressive 214 steep steps, it’s not without labor, but once you ascend to the top it will all be worth it.

History isn’t all nice, though. If you are interested in the darker side of history, you can experience the well-curated Museum of Torture. This museum is unlike the others on our guide, and will give you some rather morbid albeit informative insight into Medieval torture. If you’re bringing along teenagers or young adults who seem otherwise bored, then this will certainly capture their attention.


Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read all about the top 5 things to do in Tuscany to make your trip special, what will you start out with first? No matter which activity you partake in, we can assure you you’ll love it and remember it for many years to come. In fact, there are even more than one activity you can be a part of as many are in the same location! The great thing about Tuscany is that aside from its rich food and history, it also has surprisingly good transportation options so you’re never stuck in one place. Thanks for tuning in and happy adventuring!

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