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Activities To Do on a Vegan Vacation


Vegans can have the chance to enjoy amazing vegan vacations that are in line with what they dearly love. Perhaps you are planning a tour and thinking about how to make it happen. If you do, keep your eyes peeled for awesome travel ideas that will be discussed below.


Vegan Vacation: What Makes It Awesome?


Going on a vacation with the people who have the same interests as you is the best thing ever. There will be no fuss and changes on what you want to do because you all live on the same track.

Every traveler longs for activities that match their interests. The vegan community is looking for activities that promote veganism even while on a vacation. An example is a vegan tour, which can include a local market tour, animal sanctuary stopover, vegan treats food tripping, and many more options.

Vegan travelers also take delight in finding vegan-friendly restaurants as we love indulging in delicious food and exploring new tastes, especially when its a traditional dish from the country we’re visiting.


What To Do On A Vegan Vacation


Vegan Activities


There are many different types of vegan activities you can do on vacation, such as yoga and cooking classes offered by one retreat in Greece, Virtuoso Foods.


Workshops and Events


A cooking class will help you with your vegan journey. Aside from the yummy dishes that you already know how to prepare, you’ll also learn more recipes native to the country you’re visiting. Tutorial and proper guidance are usually included, along with advanced techniques in cooking. You will easily learn how to cook simple yet nutritious recipes during these classes.




If you are a vegan and want to spend time with others looking for a peaceful getaway, going on a retreat is ideal for you. Veg Jaunts and Journey’s upcoming vegan retreats will take place in 2020 in several European countries.

Going on a vegan retreat is an excellent way to relax. Aside from being able to eat healthy, nutritious dishes, you’ll also get to interact with fellow vegans. Together you’ll enjoy activities such as yoga, meditation classes, hiking, and city tours.


Animal sanctuary visits


Visiting an animal sanctuary during your vacation should be on your itinerary. Aside from the enjoyment of interacting with rescue animals, you’ll also gain awareness regarding their situation. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is an example of a non-profit organization that rescues abused animals. Visiting, donating, or volunteering at one is a great way to spend your vacation.


Places You Can Travel With Veg Jaunts And Journeys


walking tour around Alfama


Veg Jaunts and Journeys has prepared upcoming tours, with eight places to choose from this 2020.

Here are two tours next year that you can book now through their website:




It is a nine-day trip where you will get to immerse yourself in the vegan scene in one of the best places in Europe. There will be a walking tour of Lisbon’s most historic places on the next day. Then, lunch will be at a vegan restaurant chosen by the group.

A walking tour around Alfama is also conducted wherein you will see ancient houses, narrow cobbled streets, and sea scenery. Tourists may participate in a cooking class in Cascais, featuring a Portuguese vegan lunch. A free tour on the farm is also conducted by the host.

A trip to Sintra, a beautiful town with pine-covered hills, will be a daytime activity. You will visit historical structures such as castles, palaces, and gardens. You will have a chance to climb steep hills by riding a tuk-tuk. The last bus ride is on the way to Obidos, a very relaxing town.




The tour includes the two most popular spots in Poland, including Warsaw and Krakow. Lots of vegan eateries are here that you can dine at during the next nine days.

A 3-hour walking tour to visit all the must-see spots of Warsaw will be conducted. Free time is given after lunch to see places not included on the itinerary.

The tour will discuss communism and other aspects of the past of Poland in places of Constitution Square and the Palace of Culture and Science. You will also visit other museums such as the Warsaw Uprising Monument and Museum, National Ethnographic Museum, and many more.

The Krakow walking tour includes visiting the Wawel Hill and the Main Market Square. You can go inside the St. Mary’s Basilica to explore the medieval altars in Europe. During the last day, you will spend most of the day in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Nazi concentration camp.

Whichever tour you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a lovely time exploring a new place with fellow vegan travelers. Adventure together is always better!


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