Veg Jaunts and Journeys tours are casual, small group tours (6-12 people) which offer flexibility. We will not be rushing through cities. It’s great to visit a city such as Barcelona or Berlin and have 7-10 days with which to really get to know the city.
It’s sad to only scratch the surface of a place, having to leave after just a few days, knowing that there are so many places you didn’t get to see. You think you’ll make a return trip, but with so many undiscovered places in the world to see, that often doesn’t happen.

In my experience, every city has interesting and lively neighborhoods where the real people live. It’s hard to get to know those areas when staying in the center of the city, surrounded by business people and other tourists. Our itineraries will always include an extra day or two to explore those areas via public transportation, as well as include a day trip to an exciting area outside of the city.

It can be difficult for even experienced travelers to visit off-the-beaten path areas alone. When you get outside of major cities, sometimes English isn’t as widely spoken. Sometimes getting to the place is cost prohibitive if it can’t be reached via public transport. With a small group, you won’t feel alone, and the likelihood that someone in the group knows a foreign language will be very helpful outside city centers. Transportation costs, such as hiring a van with a local driver, can be split across the group, making the place much more accessible.

Since we will never be traveling via large bus or taxi, packing light skills, and being able to carry or pull your bag for distances of about a mile, are important. I’m happy to share with you resources and tips on how to travel overseas with only a carry-on bag, whether for five days or five weeks! This gives you much more freedom while traveling!

What sets Veg Jaunts and Journeys apart the most is that our prices are based on single occupancy. That means if you’re traveling alone, you’ll have your own room. You don’t need to pay an extra single supplement, and you don’t need to share a room.

Popular vegan restaurants will be chosen ahead of the trip, saving valuable vacation time. Although meals are usually not included, dinner restaurants will be chosen ahead of time, and you’ll have the option to join the group, or go off on your own.