Vegan travel planning make you dizzy?

No time to plan your vegan honeymoon or milestone celebration?

Leave it to me. I can help plan every aspect of your trip, whether you need just transportation and hotel reservations, or everything for a complete sightseeing itinerary, including day-by-day plans, activity options, and vegan restaurant suggestions. Did you know it takes at least 40 hours of online research and visits to 140 websites for the average person to plan a two week vacation? I offer full travel agency services, and with my supplier relationships can add value to your trip and turn your vacation dreams into amazing experiences, returning home with memories for a lifetime.

I’ve traveled to Europe around 25 times and I really enjoy planning trips there! But don’t hesitate to contact me for destinations other than Europe, as I’ve also traveled to Canada, South America, South Africa, and several Asian countries.

I’ve got loads of resources and ideas, especially for the vegan lifestyle, at my fingertips.

Contact me about vegan-friendly ocean and river cruises, resorts, small independent hotels and vegan experiences!



My travel planning fee structure (per domestic or international trip):

For jaunts up to one week duration: $150

For journeys up to two weeks duration: $250

For trips over two weeks: $350

Domestic air tickets: $25

International air tickets: $60



“Thank you so much for all of your help in making our honeymoon into exactly what we dreamed! We both agreed–this was the best money we spent on the trip! You were amazing to work with, and we are so excited to leave soon!”

–Honeymoon in England taken by Laura S. and Chad W.

“A little extra payment for your time! Thanks so much for all the help and research, it decreased my stress a lot to work with you. Our trip was so great! Excellent recommendations, and we can’t thank you enough! The resort was a real treat, very very nice. La Gomera was the perfect counter balance. Our stay at the inn was magical-charming, cozy and perfect. Thank you so much for the great recommendations!! It really did make for an amazing honeymoon and vacation!”

–Honeymoon to Canary Islands taken by Greg B. and Heather M.

“Consider asking Kim to help with your next vacation. I am indebted to her for helping my trip to Italy run smoothly! She booked our hotels in Monterosso Cinque Terre, Lucca and Florence (all fabulous). She also navigated the complicated Italian train schedules and sent me a well-planned out itinerary and all our train tickets. This was so appreciated; the one time we booked our own ticket was a bit of an ordeal. So I give a HUGE shout out to Kim.”

–Two week vacation in Italy taken by Michele C. and her teen daughter

“Thanks so much this is awesome!  I’m bragging about you to all my vegan and omnivore friends :). If you get some Silicon Valley peeps contacting you… you know they might be sent from me…”

–Vacation in Scotland and Northern Ireland taken by Kim B.

“This is beautiful! Thank you so much for truly hearing what we are looking for.”

–Trip to Kyoto, Japan being planned by Nett L.


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