Vegan Tours

“My wife and I had a magnificent time on our vegan tour of Berlin this past August (2017) thanks to Kim. She was unbelievable in showing us places that we would have never found on our own. She had a daily itinerary of walking tours, museums, restaurants, shops, culture tours, community gardens, and more. We highly recommend Kim’s tours and look forward to when we can hook up with her on another tour–hopefully soon! We were truly impressed. You will not be disappointed! Thanks, Kim!”

–Berlin tour taken by Vic & Jackie Leathers

“This was great! Let us know when your tour to Barcelona is going to take place!”

–Berlin tour taken by G. Schmera and J. Oey

Berlin Tour photo album:

Travel Planning Services

“Thank you so much for all of your help in making our vegan honeymoon into exactly what we dreamed! We both agreed–this was the best money we spent on the trip! You were amazing to work with, and we are so excited to leave soon!”

–Vegan honeymoon in England taken by Laura S. and Chad W.

“A little extra payment for your time! Thanks so much for all the help and research, it decreased my stress a lot to work with you. Our trip was so great! Excellent recommendations, and we can’t thank you enough! The resort was a real treat, very very nice. La Gomera was the perfect counter balance. Our stay at the inn was magical-charming, cozy and perfect. Thank you so much for the great recommendations!! It really did make for an amazing vegan honeymoon and vacation!”

–Vegan honeymoon to Canary Islands taken by Greg B. and Heather M.

“Consider asking Kim to help with your next vacation. I am indebted to her for helping my trip to Italy run smoothly! She booked our hotels in Monterosso Cinque Terre, Lucca and Florence (all fabulous). She also navigated the complicated Italian train schedules and sent me a well-planned out itinerary and all our train tickets. This was so appreciated; the one time we booked our own ticket was a bit of an ordeal. So I give a HUGE shout out to Kim.”

–Two week vacation in Italy taken by Michele C. and her teen daughter

“Thanks so much this itinerary is awesome!  I’m bragging about you to all my vegan and omnivore friends :). If you get some Silicon Valley peeps contacting you… you know they might be sent from me…”

–Vacation in Scotland and Northern Ireland taken by Kim B.

“This is a beautiful itinerary. Thank you so much for truly hearing what we are looking for.”

–Japan trip being planned with Nett L.

“I love having a vegan travel agent. Thank you so much for thinking of these details.  It will be great to have this all planned out and all I have to do is execute the plan.”

–Maine vacation being planned with Gretchen O.

“I wanted to let you know how helpful you have been throughout this process. I think between finding a place to live, the visa, work, and this wedding/honeymoon, I’d be drowning in all of the planning if we didn’t have you. We are fish out of water when it comes to this stuff. Your hard work is GREATLY appreciated, Kim. You’re the best!”

–Elopement being planned in Sedona with Dustin S. and fiancee